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With our experts guiding you through the complex facets of Real Estate, Land Use and Zoning, you can be sure your next transaction will be Smooth, Strategic and Cost-Effective! We will handle EVERY detail of the transaction — Until your deal is CLOSED!

Attorney Ciampitti (Co-founder) is currently a member of the Newburyport, Massachusetts Zoning Board of Appeals and has served as its Vice Chairman since 2002.

Seller Representation Details
Liberty Law & Title, LLC is a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals focusing on all areas of Real Estate and Title Closings throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Southern Coastal Maine.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves in connection with your upcoming home sale. Our main goal is to enlighten Sellers with respect to the sale process and offer access to our firm as a helpful resource.

Legal Services & Highlights
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement review and consultation
  • Deed Preparation
  • Title Review and Title Clearing (if necessary)
  • Sharply Focused on the details of the Closing Process
  • Committed to a Smooth and Successful Closing Process
  • Widely Recognized Throughout the Region
  • Attorney Closing Attendance (under Power of Attorney) so that a Seller need not physically attend (and may instead focus on other important matters)
  • Coordination of Seller Proceeds & Details Related to a subsequent Purchase(Easy linkage between a Current Sale and Upcoming Purchase)
  • Access to Concierge – Client Service
  • Fixed Flat Fees Available

Valuable Home Sales Information
9 Steps Toward a Smooth Closing
  • Negotiate Offer / Purchase & Sale Agreement
  • Draft Seller Deed to Buyer
  • Request Written Payoff Statement from Current Lender(s)
  • Schedule Fire Inspector to Issue Required Smoke/Carbon Certificate (Mass. only)
  • Arrange for Final Water/Sewer Reading (if Applicable)
  • Arrange for Final Oil / Propane Reading (if Applicable)
  • Obtain Broker’s Commission Statement for Closing
  • Request & Review Final Closing Numbers
  • Direct Delivery of Your Sale Proceeds (Check or Wire)

Helpful Seller Tips
  1. CLEARLY, REFERENCE any item(s) which you need to take with or leave behind upon sale of your home within your final Purchase & Sale Agreement.
  2. AVOID drawing funds from an equity line of credit within a few weeks of closing.
  3. KEEP-TRACK OF the buyer’s mortgage commitment date, as this is generally the last big milestone to clear in confirming that your closing will take place as planned.
  4. When CALCULATING YOUR SALE PROCEEDS be sure to account for a Transfer Tax charged to the seller (In Mass., $4.56/$1,000 and NH, $7.50/$1,000).
  5. SECURE a fully-signed copy of your final Closing Disclosure or HUD Settlement Statement at closing. (This document will likely be needed when filing your taxes).
Attorney Advertising
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